We help organisations deliver top-quality technology projects on time and budget.

We are a group of experienced consultants with almost fifteen years’ expertise in successful delivery of complex technology projects of all shapes. We combine strong foundation skills in delivery management with a great understanding of full life cycle of a software development process.

We support organisations in adopting new processes and approaches to digital projects. We help our clients utilise industry-proven tools and best-practices to ensure quality delivery to time and budget. We guide organisations in creating a cohesive and robust delivery capability.

We have worked for large blue chips organisations within multidisciplinary and cross-office setup. We are capable of building strategic relationships with our clients and working with on- and off-shore teams to create effective delivery models.

We are passionate about delivery management and technology. We believe in digital innovations that can drive business transformation.

We are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) and Professional Scrum Masters (PSM).


Process review

Your technology projects are constantly behind the schedule and over the budget? You're struggling with tracking progress and getting things done?

While we appreciate that every organisation is different and there is no "one size fit all" solution, we know what processes and tools should be applied and tailored to your needs to make your technology projects succeed.

rightPM offers an audit and assessment of the environment you're currently operating in to suggest necessary improvements and make your delivery capability as efficient and valuable as possible.

Setting up delivery capability

You’re willing to set up your own delivery capability, but don't know how to get it done in a right way?

We have many years of experience in building and running effective, international delivery centres that successfully delivered hundreds of complex digital projects of all kinds.

rightPM offers you support in setting up and growing your delivery capability and making it a high-performing part of your business.

Coaching and delivery consulting

You need some guidance and support, but don't want to hire a full-time team-member?

rightPM can provide part-time consulting services to coach and guide your team, and to ensure your team does what your organisation needs.

Bespoke training

To support you setting up a successful delivery capability, you need well trained staff that is 'talking the same language' and shares the same understanding of what software development process is.

We offer delivery and project management trainings addressed to executives, client services and development teams to ensure your team is functioning effectively and efficiently.

The majority of trainings provided is customised and tailored to client’s needs to harmonise with the target audience and match their key objectives.

Project and delivery management

You're planning to run a technology project, but don't have an experienced specialist to effectively manage the endeavour?

rightPM can support you in staffing your project and provide you with the expertise you need. We can supply hands-on experts to work along with your team during planning, development and launch of your product.

Pre-sales support

You're looking for a technology partner, but you're struggling with working out an RFP? You were provided with several offers, but you don't know which one to chose?

Being involved in dozens of pitches and having worked with many partners and for hundreds of clients in our careers, we understand the industry, we know what to pay attention to and can work with your team to find and manage the partner that meets your needs.

rightPM can support you in assessing client's offers and verifying processes and schedules they presented to ensure you chose a reliable and high-performing partner rather than a cheap and inexperienced vendor.

We can also provide a dedicated professional to help you gather, document and manage requirements effectively and then plan a reasonable product roadmap so that you can kick-off the project effectively.


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